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Fighters Footwork Mat

Fighters Footwork Mat

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Fighters footwork mat - Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Use the mat to fine tune your footwork in both stances in conjunction with a mirror that will be your accountability partner. Studies have proven that forms of exercise challenging both the body and brain simultaneously, achieve the best results in the shortest time. Add to that, neuroplasticity, the ability to learn new skills by creating new neural pathways, and you have the genius behind this footwork mat.

If you are an active fighter, expect to dominate your opponent with your movement alone, while remaining balanced and relaxed, delivering punches with maximum leverage.

In addition to our precision punch and footwork drills video series, your mat can be used for all forms of exercise including: Warm up, Pilates, Yoga, High intensity interval training, Tabata sets, Stretching and cool down.

Size Guide

Size conversions


Chest (to fit): 35/37 (XS), 37/39 (S), 39/41 (M), 41/43 (L), 43/45 (XL), 45/48 (XXL).


Waist (to fit): 30 (S), 32 (M), 34 (L), 36 (XL), 38 (XXL)

Care Instructions

Wash and dry garments inside out - Protect the decoration by turning the garment inside out. While washing and drying clothes, they rub against each other (especially if they have zippers or buttons); this friction can cause abrasions or even the peel from the fabric.

Choose the correct temperature for washing - Wash at 30 degrees. High temperatures can weaken the adhesive or cause abrasion of the heat transfer vinyl.

Use a mild detergent - Any detergent that promises to “Fight Stains”, or that contains any other kind of special additive, is not a mild detergent. These additives, along with bleach, can damage the decoration.

Do not tumble dry - High temperatures can weaken the adhesive or cause abrasion of the heat transfer vinyl.

Do not iron directly on the transfer vinyl - The heat of the iron could melt the material, as well as ruin the garment. Iron the t-shirt inside out.

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